Below is information on how the group works, our independence from Neotek and its owners, etc. If you have any questions, you may contact the list's administrator here.

Charter and general information for the Neotek mail list:

Please read this prior to subscribing and save it for reference.

The Neotek mail list was created in October of 1999 to provide a forum allowing for discussion about and exchange of information relevant to all models of Neotek consoles. Posting and viewing are by subscription only; the list is a privately owned, completely free, non advertisement service. Any posts to the list are automatically sent to all subscribers. The list is not moderated or edited in any way. It is not currently available in a digest format, but will be if sufficient traffic dictates.


No information on members including their email addresses will be made available to anyone other than the list owner and then only and exclusively for the purpose of maintaining the function of the list.


To subscribe to the list, send an email to:

Any information in the subject field is ignored. In the BODY of the email type:

subscribe neotek [your name, without the brackets]

The list will only allow posts originating from a subscribed address. If you require the use of more than one address, you must subscribe them separately.

You will receive a subscription confirmation notice with instructions. If a reply isn't received within 24 hours, you will have to resubscribe.


To unsubscribe from the list send an email to:

Any information in the subject field is ignored. In the BODY of the email type:

unsubscribe neotek

It is not necessary to specify the email address unless it is different from the address from which you're writing. If you don't include an address, be sure to type "unsubscribe neotek" (without the quotes) into the body of the email.

You will receive a confirmation notice with instructions.


Once subscribed, you can post a message to the list by sending an email to:

Only subscribers may post to, or receive from, the list. All messages are automatically forwarded to all subscribers.


If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, contact the list owner directly at:

General posting guidelines:

All subscribers are assumed to be audio professionals and are expected to act as such. Any personal attacks or flames directed at other subscribers, offensive language, introduction of "spam" or other antisocial behavior will result in a single warning followed by cancellation of subscription. As this is a privately owned list, determination of "antisocial" is solely at the discretion of the list owner.

Post content should be of either specific Neotek console related issues, or relevant to their operation, repair or upgrade in some way. There are other forums available either on usenet or private mail lists for general pro audio issues, or other manufacturer's products, that would be a more appropriate place for non-Neotek related discussions.

State the subject matter of the post in the header field. It is recommended that you edit replies to the specific relevant remarks, to allow for easier reading of the posts.

Any off-topic posts should be designated as "OT:" in the subject header and should be of general interest to Neotek users. Please refrain from deviating too far from the basic intent of the list, or take the discussion to private email.

The sharing of technical information and expertise is most appreciated, as are sources for parts and documentation. With many older Neotek consoles in use, continuing to keep them running and optimally configured is of primary importance to all of us. Any troubleshooting hints, parts substitutions, useful modifications, descriptions of unique configurations, or customized projects would be a great asset to the list members.

Private for sale, trade, auction, or want-to-buy posts are permitted and encouraged, but should be limited to Neotek products, parts, accessories or items which have an interest specific to Neotek users. All such posts should be clearly designated in the subject header by "FS:," "FT:," "FA:," or "WTB:." Dealer lists are discouraged unless limited to the above items.

Posting of image files or other non-text attachments is NOT permitted. As some subscribers may have limited bandwidth connections, or be reading the list from work, it is recommended instead that a URL be specified that contains the image file of interest.

Do not send HTML, MIME-encoded messages, or posts with "vcard" attachments to the list. Configure your email program to send ONLY plain ASCII text.

The future of the Neotek list is the responsibility of all subscribers. We have discussed plans for an on-line archive of schematics and parts lists, and will maintain a web-based archive of posts and other information. We also plan to implement an FTP server for file uploads (downloads will be available from this site). If there are specific items or services that you feel would be of benefit to other subscribers, and if those items or services can be provided by the list owner, we will do our best to accommodate them. The list reflects only what the members contribute to it. You are all encouraged to solicit new subscribers who have an interest in Neotek products, and to actively contribute your knowledge and expertise to the list.

The Neotek trade name is owned by Sytek Audio Systems; this list is in no way affiliated with, or endorsed by, any current or former trademark or copyright owners, manufacturers, or designers. It is a completely not-for-profit service existing only for the benefit of owners and users of Neotek equipment.